Photo from Amsterdamize Flickr stream

Patrick Barber, author of the terrific Vélocouture blog, wrote an excellent article in The Ride Journal that aligns with our philosophy quite well. Barber is a proponent of cycling as an “everyday, every-person form of transport” (his words). In this article he discusses how cycling in the U.S. is seen primarily as a sport and performance activity, but that recently more Americans are riding for the same reason as much of the rest of the world: simply to get somewhere. The result is a departure from the lycra and neon colors that dominate many cyclists’ wardrobes to more simple, stylish and, for lack of a better term, normal attire. My favorite lines from Barber’s piece: “Being on a bike isn’t always about a hot, sweaty, all-out ride,” and “Instead of being in workout mode, you are in going-somewhere-but-want-to-look-good mode: to work, on a date, to the coffee shop.” We couldn’t agree more. Check out the whole article on The Ride Journal’s website. It’s a large pdf but Barber’s article is easy to find since it’s the second piece.


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