Hi there!

Welcome to the brand new Hub and Bespoke blog. Hub and Bespoke is a startup business focused on serving the urban cyclist with fashionable and functional bicycle wear and accessories. You can think of us as a sort of “cycle boutique” rather than a bike shop, since we won’t be selling bikes or doing repairs. Instead, we’re creating a place where you can outfit yourself or your bike with fun and stylish products. At the same time, our space will invite you to stop in, meet other cyclists and share ideas about bike culture and urban riding. We’re based in sunny Seattle and right now we are working on getting a physical shop up and running by this coming spring. Before that, we’ll be making our debut at the Seattle Bike Expo. Look for our booth on the second floor. Until then, happy riding and feel free to get in touch at hubandbespoke at gmail dot com.

– Juliette and Aldan, co-founders


4 thoughts on “Hi there!”

  1. Hey Aldan-

    Kathy Lepp forwarded your blog to me. Looks like you’re bringing your fashion sense to the masses! My son Noah still talks about how you shared your favorite orange belt with him at Mollie and Shank’s wedding… Let me know if you do a post about how to look fashionable incorporating reflective orange gear into your biking wardrobe.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Of course I remember you from the wedding. We’re excited about the concept and hope the masses will be, too. Kathy says your dialed into the social media networking scene–feel free to throw tips or ideas our way any time. Oh, and let Noah know I still sport the orange belt on a weekly basis. I love that thing. -Aldan

  2. What a refreshing idea! Kudos to the brains who thought this up, makes me wanna deck out my cruiser and go for a ride through Reno! Thanks for providing something of worth on the internet!

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